TAKOMA referenced on DATADOCK

Takoma has been eligible for referencing across all joint commissions for collective training (OPCA, Fongecif…) since August 27th, 2017.


DATADOCK: what does it mean?

Joint commissions for collective training are granted, under the law dated March 5th, 2014, the right to manage and monitor the quality of training institutions to ensure the transparency of all offers, ensuring the gradual improvement of training programme quality overall.


To achieve this, 20 OPCA worked together to create Datadock, a digital platform to collate data from all training organisations to ensure they are compliant with legal quality requirements.
With this in mind, referencing of training organisations in DATDOCK is today a mandatory requirement for commissions to re-finance any trainings.


Our validated declaration on DATADOCK demonstrates that we are compliant with quality requirements of decree n°2015-790 dated June 30th, 2015, and that our pedagogical solutions can be “referenced” by all commissions for collective professional training.

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